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Other Projects

Here you can find links to collabs and other projects I've done, from youtube channels and videos, to books, or webcomics I've illustrated for.

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Pizza Arcade (channel)


Pizza Arcade is a channel started by me and my best friend, Ryan, and features single player and co-op games, as well as some Twitch stream highlights. In the videos we talk about various things and have a good time.
Due to personal lives, the videos are not consistent all the time, as we put our physical and mental health first.

Subscribe to the channel to be notified when new videos drop!

Stitchy Static: A Poetry Chapbook

Summer 2021

Stitchy Static was a chapbook my friend Ryan wrote, I created the cover and a few illustrations inside the book. The book is available on Amazon for Kindle or a soft-back copy.

Book Summery:

"Stitchy Static is a short collection of poems that detail the author's journey of depression from his teenager years to his adult ones. It's a journey of growth, learning how to heal through acceptance and being honest with yourself." 

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