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The History of Sapphelli

Like most artists, art has been involved in most of my life since I was very young. When I was a small kid around the age of 3, I showed interest and joy in things like finger painting, coloring books, anything that was creating, and my mother made sure that I always had paper, crayons, markers, and paints to use (naturally the paint had to be supervised until I was older).

While a vast majority of my drawings from my years of 3 to 10 are gone, there a few that are still around. When I was a kid, I got so into Hamtaro that I even made my own little comic books, I don't remember too much about them, the books were maybe only 6 pages at best, and all I remember was that Pashmina and Sandy were super hero's (a kids imagination is wild). I also had drawings of Pokemon, like natural habitats since I was also really into watching animal documentaries at an early age.

I also at the young age of around 7 or 8, got huge into My Little Pony and well, to me now, the drawings look like colorful hot dogs with hair and it's traumatized me into barely being able to draw MLP now.

In 2005, I was introduced to the internet, and around that time Sonic The Hedgehog was popular with others my age, and upon joining my first art website, the good ol' DeviantArt, I started to take drawing a little more seriously. Unfortunately, my first handful of digital drawings are long since gone (some are even on a floppy disc out there in the world, that's right, a floppy disc. The computer was that old.) 

For the first year, any digital art I made was in MS-Paint, using the tools and the mouse, eventually during that first year my mother got a printer with a scanner on it so I could scan drawings to the computer instead. During that time, I started to digitalize my sketches using a program that I remember being called Photo Max, and the "mascot" was some kind of colorful bird resembling a Macaw. 

In my years on DeviantArt from 2005 to 2012, I made a lot of friends and mostly just stayed within the Sonic fandom. Naturally, like any fandom tho, there were some internet trolls who would come to my page and bully me because I was a kid making what they considered "bad art", and you know they were probably right, but I was also 15 using a mouse and still learning.

I never really had an actual "art class", when I was around 10 my mother taught me the basics about colors and shading, the rest I've learned through trial and error, and tutorials.

In 2007 I got my first digital tablet, the Wacom Bamboo. I loved that thing, I spent so much time drawing with it, and with it I started to use Photoshop Elements. I used the tablet so much, and did not know that you were suppose to replace the pen tips, so by 2009 the tablet had a huge gash down the center where my most frequent strokes would be. I believe it was also this year that I joined SheezyArt, and made some friends there as well. (this is important and we will get back to that)

In 2011 I got an upgrade, the newer Wacom Bamboo, this time I had the knowledge to switch out the tips when they started to get sharp, it was also this year that I was struggling creatively.

2010-2018 were some very difficult years for me due to personal family matters, which left me exhausted mentally, and severely depressed and caused my creative mind to struggle.

In 2012 I wanted to start expanding my skills and learn how to draw other things, at the time I was absolutely horrible at drawing humans. In this year I left DeviantArt and went to FurAffinity (yes, I know what the site is, I was around 20 when I joined) where a friend-of-the-time was, and that is where my Sonic-fandom art skills that I had built up, changed into furry art!

For the next several years I drew a lot of furry commissions, specializing in chibis (and still do!), and in 2013 I started to take my very first commissions! 

I only charged a $1.00 for my chibis at first, which quickly turned into $5.00. Naturally, these prices did not bother me at the time, because I didn't know any better, and hadn't learned the value of my art, skill and time. But during that time I learned a lot of handy things, learned how to do business, and had several returning customers! (and to this day, they still mean a lot to me, and I hope they're doing great.)

In 2014 to 2015 I started to raise my commission prices, do commission collabs with other artists, and made artist friends. However, personal life situations also got worse, and it all came crumbling down mid 2015. That summer I hit what I thought was rock bottom depression and my drive for art completely died.

2016, I was still severely depressed, but I got my drivers license, my first job, and my first car. In spring of 2017, I got my first apartment with an art friend (some of you might actually know her). In 2017 I also became a leader at my job, and learned a lot about leadership and how to be in charge from a buisness stand-point.

In 2018 I tried to pick up the pieces of my drive to create art, I learned how to paint with acrylics, and tried to dabble back into digital art, but still had no drive. In this year I also left my job as a leader and went to go work for a local bar. It was at that bar, I went through a lot of emotions and waves as I fought against the depression.

In summer of 2019, I hit my rock-bottom, it was also that year that I turned my life around, but my battle would not be over for another almost 2 years.

In early 2020 (before the pandemic happened), I got the opportunity to paint my first mural, for the bar that I worked at. It is to date the larged painting I've ever done, and I am still very proud of myself for it. 

In mid summer of 2020, during the lockdown, I moved out of state for the first time, and left Kentucky to Indiana. Late 2020 I got my 3rd job, and started to seriously heal myself.

2021 was the year I healed finally, I got my artistic drive back, and had managed to fight my way out of depression, 

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